Brazil and Luxembourg

Diplomatic relations between Brazil and Luxembourg were established in 1911. Despite having a small territory and population, the partnership with Luxembourg is significant for Brazil – both for its important role in articulating positions within the European Union and for the presence of an important Portuguese-speaking community (about 16% of Luxembourg’s population is of Portuguese origin).

At the multilateral level, Brazil and Luxembourg hold close positions on issues such as human rights, self-determination of peoples, nonintervention, peaceful solutions to conflicts, cooperation and respect for decisions taken in international forums. The two countries cooperate in initiatives to eradicate terrorism and drug trafficking, combat nuclear proliferation, expansion and liberalization of international trade and reduction of protectionism.

Grand Duke Henri visited Brazil in 2007, in 2012 – on this date, the occasion of Rio+20 – and in 2016. As a member of the International Olympic Committee, he participated in the election that chose Rio de Janeiro to host the Olympiads of 2016.

In 2015, Luxembourg was the third largest investor in Brazil.

Although modest, bilateral trade has experienced rapid growth. Trade reached US$ 123 million in 2012, with US$ 73 million in Brazilian exports. Luxembourg also represents a gateway to Brazilian products in other European markets.

The ease of contact with the Luxembourg market represents an important advantage for Brazilian companies, which in the Grand Duchy can benefit from access to important decision-making centers.

The Belgian-Luxembourg Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil - Belgalux

The Belgian-Luxembourg Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Brazil – (Belgalux) is a non-profit association, active since 1938 promoting and stimulating trade, economic and cultural relations between Brazil, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Belgalux has become an active networking platform for business and career promotion among members of the Chamber (individuals, companies and institutions).

Belgalux members have strategic services ranging from basic legal guidelines for incorporating companies in Brazil, Belgium and Luxembourg to promotion of events, business and social meetings or the organization of booths at trade and industrial fairs in Brazil, Belgium and Luxembourg.

To learn more, visit the official Belgalux website.