Frequently Asked Questions and / or other Information

Does Luxembourg accept more than one citizenship? By acquiring Luxembourg citizenship do I lose the Brazilian?

Yes, Luxembourg accepts more than one citizenship. And acquiring Luxembourg citizenship you do not lose the Brazilian one. You will have dual citizenship.

What is "apostille"? How do I apostille my documents?

To get the apostille of the documents it is necessary to go to a Notary Registry Office in your city. See the information on the Legislation/Apostille  page.

My document was not issued in Brazil. Where should I legalize it? Do I need to translate documents not issued in Brazil?

You must legalize it at the Consulate of the country where the document was issued. If the document is in French, German, or Luxembourgish, translation is not necessary. Any document that is not in French or German languages, must be presented along with a sworn translation into French or German.

Does the Consulate have a register of translators? Where can I find a certified translator?

We do not have a register of translators. To find a translator, the interested party must enter the website of the State Board of Trade.

My Brazilian passport expires in the next 03 months. Can I enter Luxembourg with this passport?

No. The passport expiration period must be at least 06 months, considering the date of departure from Brazil.

Do I need a visa to travel to the United States with a Luxembourg biometric passport?

A visa is not necessary, but an authorization must be made in advance, at least 72 hours before traveling. This is done on the American Consulate’s own website. The form to be filled out is called “ESTA”. The request must be made through the link:

Can I travel to the United States with the Luxembourg emergency-temporary passport, without applying for a visa?

No. The temporary passport is not accepted at the borders of countries outside the European Union.

Does a Brazilian need a visa to visit Luxembourg? What is the Schengen Agreement?

Brazilians do not need a visa to enter Luxembourg or any country that is part of the European Community or is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement. As tourists, Brazilians can stay up to 90 days in Luxembourg or in countries of the European Community, due to the Schengen Agreement.

Do my Brazilian diplomas need validation to practice in Luxembourg?

The revalidation of the diploma is necessary for the continuity of studies, but not always for the job market. It is important to check with the contractor. If your interest is to develop your studies in Luxembourg, see information about it on  diploma validation.

Can I drive in Luxembourg with a Brazilian driver license?

Brazil and Luxembourg are signatories to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic and that is why the Brazilian driver license is valid. To drive it will be necessary to request from Denatran (DMV) the document named “PID – International Permit to Drive”. In the link of Itamaraty – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will find information on how to issue this document.

Is there an institution in Brazil that offers classes to learn Luxembourgish language?

Unfortunately there is not.