Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the right to Luxembourg citizenship?

Luxembourg citizenship is only possible through descendancy. It must be proven that the Luxembourger who originated the descendancy was a Luxembourger on 01/01/1900, that is, they did not become naturalized.

To enter the process the applicant must be at least 18 years of age. For minors it is only possible if the process is done together with the father or mother, the one who has the descendancy.

Spouses are not entitled to citizenship, only children and grandchildren provided they are descendants in a direct line (“jus sanguinis”). To learn more, see the forms of approval, general information and documents to be presented.

Does Luxembourg accept more than one citizenship? By acquiring Luxembourg citizenship do I lose the Brazilian?

Yes, Luxembourg accepts more than one citizenship. And by acquiring the citizenship of Luxembourg you do not lose the Brazilian. You have double citizenship.

What is "apostille"? How do I apostille my documents?

To apostille documents, it is necessary to go to a notary office in your city. See the explanation for “apostille”.

My document was not issued in Brazil. Where should I legalize it? Do I need to translate documents not issued in Brazil?

You must legalize it at the Consulate of the country where the document was issued. If the document is in French, German, Luxembourgish or English, translation is not necessary.

How do I renew my Nationality Certificate? How do I request the issue of the Nationality or Descendancy Certificate for my children?

From April 2017, Nationality Certificates no longer have expiry and do not need to be renewed. Even those issued before and indicating expiry do not need to be renewed. To request issuance of Nationality or Descendancy Certificates see the information in the General Services tab.

Does the Consulate have a translator register? Where can I find a sworn translator?

We do not have a translator register. To find a translator, the interested party must go to the website of the Commercial Board of your State.

Who can apply for a passport?

All those who have Luxembourg citizenship. The instructions for issuing is available at biometric passport.

How is an emergency-temporary passport issued?

All those who have Luxembourg citizenship may apply for an emergency-temporary passport via the Consulate-Brazil. The instructions for issuing is available at emergency-temporary passport.

With the opening of the Luxembourg Embassy in Brazil, can I request the issuance of a biometric passport, ID or do other procedures previously only possible in Luxembourg?

Initially, the Embassy will only deal with government issues and there will be no change in the procedures for issuing a biometric passport, ID and others.

Can I request the issuance of a biometric passport in another country that has an Embassy?

It is usually possible, but we advise you to contact the Embassy of the country you are visiting directly to see if they issue it and what procedures are required.

To travel to the United States with the Luxembourg biometric passport, is a visa required?

A visa is not required but an authorization must be given in advance, at least 72 hours before traveling. This is done on the American Consulate’s website. The form to be filled in is called “ESTA”.  The request should be made through the link:

Can I travel to the United States with the Luxembourg emergency-temporary passport, without applying for a visa?

No. The temporary passport is not accepted at borders of countries outside Europe. It is accepted only at the borders of countries that are part of the European Community. In countries outside Europe that require a visa, only the biometric passport issued in Luxembourg is accepted.

Do I need a visa to visit Luxembourg? What is the Schengen Agreement?

Brazilians do not need a visa to enter Luxembourg or any country that is part of the European Community and can stay up to 90 days in Luxembourg or in European Community countries due to the Schengen Agreement.

What do I need to get a long term visa for work, study, au pair, etc...?

Any long-term visa process is done directly between the applicant and the Immigration Department in Luxembourg. The Consulate advises on how documents should be presented and makes necessary legalizations.

Can I enter Luxembourg with the validity of the Brazilian passport expiring in the next 3 months?

No. The expiration date of the passport must be at least 6 months, considering the date of leaving Brazil.

Do my Brazilian diplomas need validation to practice in Lux?

Revalidation of the diploma is necessary for the continuity of studies, but not always for the labor market. It is important to check with the contracting party. If your interest is to develop your studies in Luxembourg, see information about diploma validation.

I would like to take my pet to Luxembourg, what is the procedure?

See the information about taking your pet to Luxembourg on the Consular Services tab.

Are there any institutions in Brazil that offer classes to learn the Luxembourgish language?

Unfortunately not.