Citizenship – Documents to Be Presented in the First Phase

Citizenship - Documents to Be Presented in the First Phase

Documents that must be submitted by the Luxembourger who gave rise to the generation of applicants:

  1. Originals of birth certificates (may be Baptism also);
  2. Originals of marriage certificates;
  3. Originals of death certificates;
  4. Original of the Negative Naturalization Certificate. Document issued by the Brazilian authorities certifying that the Luxembourg citizen did not acquire Brazilian citizenship. This Certificate is issued by the internet directly on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

When the applicant is using process documents of a relative who has already obtained citizenship this Certificate is not required.

  1. Authenticated copy of an applicant identification document: RG OR Passport. CNH is not accepted as an identity document.
  2.  Original or certified copy of applicant’s proof of address. When the applicant does not have proof of address in their name, they must make a déclaration de résidence in French, and attach the proof of address referred to in the declaration. The proof requires translation and legalization. If they are also applying for citizenship for a minor, the déclaration de habitte must be made for the minor. This declaration must be signed by both parents and their signatures notarized in a notary office.

When the approval is “by recovery” there will be the second stage of the process which will be done personally in Luxembourg. Document information can be found in the step-by-step for the second stage.


  • It is not necessary to bring the documentation personally. It can be delivered by another person, or sent by SEDEX to the address of the Consulate. Together with the documentation a letter with the request and information on the attached documents should be sent, including explanation for, if any, lack of documents, and the family tree.
  • From the arrival in Luxembourg, the time for analysis of the documents and approval or not of the request is on average 6 months to 2 years;

If it is necessary to search Luxembourg documents, it must be done through the National Archive of Luxembourg.

Consular fees and expenses charged here in Brazil by the Consulate:

  • The payment of fees and expenses is made on demand through deposit to the Consulate current account at Bradesco.
  • Amounts are confirmed after the received documents are inspected.

First step is the approval by "acquisition" or "recovery”:

  • Consular legalization fee for each sworn translation accompanied by the document original. Which means: 1 original + the sworn translation = 1 document. In addition to the legalization seal, we also include our support services, verification of documents, follow up of the process with the Ministry of Justice and other measures; or
  • Fees for services rendered. If you choose to validate the translator’s signature notarization by “apostille” with the notary office, the cost of the legalization fee per document will not be charged by the Consulate, but there will be a fee for our support services, document validation, monitoring of the process with the Ministry of Justice and other measures. This amount will be charged only for an adult applicant, for minors there is no charge; and,
  • Sending documents by special courier. This is the minimum cost. Depending on the number of documents the cost may be higher.

Second step, if the approval is by “Recovery”

  • Return of documents by mail – SEDEX, if it is this option.

For cost information see our Cost Table.