Citizenship – Documents to Be Submitted – Acquisition Process

Citizenship - Documents to Be Submitted - Acquisition Process

The interested party can do the process directly together with the Ministry of Justice without going through the Consulate. For this option send the documentation listed below to:

Service de l’indigénat – Ministère de la Justice
13, rueErasme
L – 2934 Luxembourg
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

If you wish, as a separate service, the Consulate can check the documentation before the applicant sends it to Luxembourg, or even do the entire process thru  Consulate. For information on this service provision, send an email to:

Documents to be submitted

All certificates must be presented from the Luxembourg immigrant until reaching the generation of candidates over 18 years and children, accompanied by sworn translations into French or German and having the translator’s signature recognized. .IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO VALIDATE THAT RECOGNITION BY “APOSTILLE” IN THE NOTARY OR BY “LEGALIZATION” IN THE CONSULATE.

When a relative has already submitted all documents since the immigrant, the new applicant must consider submitting the documents below from where his or her line of descent differs from that who submitted the complete documentation.

  • Originals or certified copies of birth certificates (it can also be Baptism);
  • Originals or certified copies of marriage certificates;
  • Originals or certified copies of death certificates;
  • Original of the Negative Naturalization Certificate. Document issued by the Brazilian authorities certifying that the Luxembourg citizen has not acquired Brazilian nationality. This Certificate is issued on the Ministry of Justice’s website: . THIS CERTIFICATE MUST BE VALIDATED BY “APOSTILLE” IN THE NOTARY. When the applicant takes advantage of documents from the file of a relative who has already submitted, this Certificate is not necessary.
  • Notarized copy of an applicant’s identification document: ID OR Passport. Driver license is not accepted as an identity document. It is not necessary to make a sworn translation for the ID or Passport. Just present the notarized copy which is within the validity period, as stated on the page citizenship – general information.
  • Original or notarized copy of proof of address (consumption bill: gas, telephone, electricity, water) in the applicant’s name. It is not necessary to do a sworn translation for this document. When the applicant does not have a proof of address in their name, they must make a declaration of residence in French language and attach the proof of address mentioned in the declaration. If you are also applying for citizenship for a minor child, a déclaration de habitte must be made for the minor. This declaration must be signed by both parents and it must have both signatures recognized.