Citizenship – Forms of Approval

Citizenship - Forms of Approval

Approval of the process is based on the Citizenship laws in force and previous. The analysis and approval is done by the Ministry of Justice in Luxembourg. The function of the Consulate is to guide, check and prepare the documents before sending and do the due follow-up of the process.

The analysis of the documents and the approval (or not) of the request takes an average of 6 months. The deadline to apply for citizenship is December 2018.

The analysis and approval of the process is done in 2 ways:

a) By “Acquisition”

  • Approval by “acquisition” is given when all descendancy from the Luxembourger to the applicant are of paternal origin with no woman on the line of descendancy. In this case, all the process is done directly through the Consulate-Brazil in a single step: we receive the documents, do the verification, legalization and send for the Luxembourg analysis. After the Luxembourg examination, everything being correct, the “Citizenship Certificate” is issued to each applicant attesting to the “possède la nationalité luxembourgeoise”. The Certificate is sent to the Consulate and we contact the applicant informing about the issuance. The Certificate issued has no expiration date and is definitive.

b) By “Recovery”

  • Approval is done by “recovery” when there is maternal origin in the line of descendancy, be it total or partial. In this case, the first stage of the process begins here at the Consulate and after examination of the documents by Luxembourg, where the descendancy is notarized, the “Certificate of Descendancy” is issued “est la descendante em ligne directe d’um aieul, qui possédait la nationalite luxembourgeoise a la date du 1er janvier 1900”. This Certificate is also sent to the Consulate and in possession of it, the applicant will have to personally go to Luxembourg to enter the request of “Citizenship Recovery”. The deadline for applying for recovery in Luxembourg is 12/31/2020. To see how the second stage of the Luxembourg process is done, see step-by-step for the second stage.