Citizenship – General Information

Citizenship - General Information

  • All Brazilian documents must be presented in the original form; we do not accept a certified copy, except for the identification document (RG or Passport) and proof of address.
  • Identification documents must be authenticated copies and the RG or Passport is accepted. Driver’s license (CNH) is not accepted.
  • Validity of documents: Birth, Marriage, Death and Negative Naturalization Certificates: date of issue of maximum 6 months; Criminal Record Certificate: date of issue of maximum 3 months (not necessary to present in the first stage); Identity Card (RG): date of issue of maximum 9 years; Passport: to expire in at least 6 months. Proof of address: date of issue of maximum 4 months.
  • All Brazilian documents, including proof of address, must have a sworn translation in French, German or Luxembourgish, with the translator’s signature notarized in a notary office, so that the Consulate of Luxembourg in São Paulo validates this notarization through legalization, or this validation of notarization can be apostilled by the notary office, according to the Hague Convention. However, it is required by Luxembourg that all documentation be sealed by the Consulate.
  • Sworn translation documents that were issued outside Brazil or Passport are not needed.
  • Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates need not be full-text or “apostilled” in notary offices.
  • Original Negative Naturalization Certificate and the original Criminal Record Certificate (this request only in the second stage) must be validated by “apostille” at the notary office. The Consulate does not legalize Brazilian documents. It only validates notarization of the translator’s signature by the notary office by legalization.
  • In processes where a relative wants to use documents from another who has already obtained citizenship we reuse / take advantage of all the documents in common of the line that gave the descendancy. For use it is necessary that the person who presented all the documentation in common send an authorization by e-mail relating the names of all authorized.
  • To enter the process the applicant must be at least 18 years old and it is only possible by direct descendancy.
  • The process for minors is only possible when it is done together with the father or mother, the one who has the descendancy.
  • Spouses have no right to citizenship, only children and grandchildren provided they are descendants in direct line, “jus sanguinis”.