Procedure for marriage between Brazilians and Luxembourgers celebrated in Luxembourg

The spouse who is Brazilian must provide the documents requested by the Commune that the wedding will take place.

The original Brazilian documents must have the “apostille” done by the Registry, according to the Hague Convention.

Make a sworn translation in French, German or Luxembourgish of all Brazilian documents that will be presented, except passport. Recognize the translator’s signature in a notary’s office and do the “apostille” of this recognition in the Registry itself.

It is not necessary to bring the documents to the Consulate for any procedure. If you wish, as a separate service, it is possible for the Consulate to check the documents already apostilled and accompanied by sworn translations. For information about this service provision, send an email to:

We now proceed to the list of Brazilian documents usually requested in the Communes to be presented in Luxembourg,  but you must confirm in the Commune that will perform the wedding,  the list of requested documents.

  • Original birth certificate, with a date of issue up to 3 months;
  • Original of a single declaration issued by a notary or public deed of civil status, with notarized signature. Recent issue date of a maximum 03 months;
  • Original or notarized copy of a proof of residence in Brazil under the name of the Brazilian spouse with issue date of a maximum 03 months;
  • Notarized copy of the valid Brazilian passport;
  • Original of a medical certificate issued in Luxembourg by a local doctor, attesting to good physical and mental health. (Document will be issued in Luxembourg)

Procedure to validate marriage in Brazil after the ceremony in Luxembourg

After the ceremony, to have the wedding also valid in Brazil, the following procedures must be done:

  • Validate the Marriage Certificate in Luxembourg at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and later present it at the Brazilian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. Following this procedure, the marriage will be valid in Brazil.


Embassy of Brazil in Brussels
Avenue Louise / Louizalaan, 350, 1050 Bruxelles / Brussel
Tel: (32) 2 640.2015
Fax: (32) 2 640.8134
General Consulate of Brazil in Brussels
Rue du Trône, 108, térreo, 1050 – Ixelles, Bruxelas
Tel.: (32) 2 626-2891 / Fax: (32) 2 626-2890

Procedure for marriage between Brazilians and Luxembourgers celebrated in Brazil

The information of the Luxembourgish’s documents that must be presented shall be obtained  in Brazil from the civil registry office of the city where the ceremony will be celebrated.

  • After the ceremony, to validate the marriage in Luxembourg, must be presented at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Luxembourg, an original copy of the marriage certificate duly apostilled by the Notary,  with the sworn translation into French or German, having the translator’s signature recognized. This recognition must also be apostilled by the notary.