Validation of Diploma

General Information

  • The process is done in Luxembourg directly by the applicant at the responsible agency.
  • It is not necessary to bring documents at the Consulate for checking, and / or any validation;
  • If you wish, as a separate service, the Consulate can check the documentation before the applicant sends it to Luxembourg. For information on this service provision, send an email to:
  • All original Brazilian documents must be “apostilled” by the Notary, accompanied by a sworn translation into French, German or English and have the translator’s signature recognized.
  • The recognition of the translator’s signature in sworn translations by the Registry must be validated by the Registry itself by “apostille”;
  • Secondary education certificates / diplomas obtained outside of Luxembourg may, under certain conditions, be subject to recognition of equivalence. The application for recognition of the diploma is subject to the payment of a fee of 125 euros and it is made directly by the interested party in Luxembourg.
  • In general, for the equivalence request, the following documents must be sent, but you must confirm along to the responsible agency the list of documents requested:
  • A letter informing the reason for the application for the validation of the diploma;
  • A Resumé, including information on schooling, date and place of birth;
  • A notarized copy of all valid passport sheets, including the blank ones;
  • Notarized copy of the certificate / diploma you wish to validate.