Validation of Diploma

Validation of Diploma

The Consulate in Brazil does not do the diploma validation process. It only advises the way the documents should be prepared for direct shipment to Luxembourg by the interested party, verification and due legalizations. The validation is done in Luxembourg, and for specific information, contact the agency responsible for this subject by email: We also recommend accessing the website for general information on this process.

All original Brazilian documents must be “apostilled” by a notary office, be accompanied by the appropriate sworn translation into French, German or English and have the translator’s signature notarized.

Notarization of the translator’s signature in the sworn translations done by the notary office must be validated by the notary office itself by “apostille” OR by the Consulate by “legalization”.

High school education certificates obtained outside Luxembourg may, subject to certain conditions, be subject to recognition of equivalence. The application for recognition of the diploma is subject to a fee of 125 Euros and is made directly by the interested party in Luxembourg.

For the equivalence request, the following documents must be sent

  • A letter with the reason for applying for validation of the diploma;
  • A CV, including information on schooling, date and place of birth;
  • An authenticated copy of all valid passport pages, including blanks;
  • Authenticated copy of certificate / diploma that you want to validate.

For information on the costs of our services, consult the Cost Table.