Visas – Tourism, Au Pair, Student, Work and Others

Visa for Brazilian tourists

Brazilians do not need a visa to enter as a tourist in countries that are part of the European Union and Luxembourg is part of this list. You can travel as a tourist in the countries that are part of the Schengen Agreement for a maximum of 03 months.

Visas - for citizens of countries that are not part of the Schengem Agreement: Tourist and / or Long-term

In Brazil, no consular unit nor the Embassy does a visa process for any category, be it tourist, or long term for work, aupair, study and so on.

Through an agreement between the countries of Luxembourg and Belgium in places where this service is not available in the Luxembourg offices installed in the country, the Belgium General Consulate assumes this consular service.

Here in Brazil visa applications are forwarded through the Belgium General Consulate in São Paulo and according to the website, information and clarification of doubts are made by email: /site:

AuPair / Student / Work Visa

Information must be obtained along to the responsible agency for this matter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Division of Immigration Services. Email:

The requested documentation can be sent by the applicant directly to Luxembourg, or if you prefer, through the Belgian General Consulate in São Paulo.

Important informations

  • For the presentation of Brazilian documents requested in Luxembourg, there will be a need to:
  • apostillating the original documents at the Notary Registry;
  • provide sworn translations into French, German or English, recognize the translator’s signature and validate that signature recognition in the registry office by apostille. For information on the apostille see item Legalization-Apostille.
  • The process for long-term visa, whether for work, study or aupairs, is possible if the applicant already has a formalized job proposal, or it is already accepted / enrolled in a course. With a job already guaranteed, or enrolled in some course, the visa process is done here in Brazil before the move out. It is not possible to apply for a work or study visa without having a confirmed job or course;
  • The applicant cannot travel and enter as a tourist and then initiate the visa application there in Luxembourg. If it is done irregularly, the person is at risk of being deported from the country. ”
  • The procedure works as follows:
  • After the start of communication between the applicant and the immigration department, in general they send the complete list of all documents that the applicant must provide and send directly to Luxembourg or if the applicant chooses to do it in Brazil, via the Belgian General Consulate,
  • After all documentation is received in Luxembourg, the analysis is done and, being it all right, they issue a letter with prior authorization for the applicant and other family members to report to Luxembourg within a specified period.
  • Upon arrival in Luxembourg, the applicant must present the letter they received with the previous authorization at the airport immigration counter, and after arrival, they have a few days to present themselves at the immigration department to complete the process and, finally, the final visa should be issued.