Visit Luxembourg

Do you need a reason to persuade
you to visit and love Luxembourg?

Here are 20!

1. Luxembourg is located in the heart of Europe and has excellent international connections

2. The many tourist attractions, from sports and arts to beautiful landscapes

3. The welcoming and multicultural population of which almost 50% is foreign

4. The fortress of the city of Luxembourg, witness of a turbulent past, and UNESCO World Heritage Site

5. The Old Town of Luxembourg, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

6. The casemates, a huge network of underground galleries, UNESCO World Heritage Site

7. The good quality of life, typical of rural life, with the practicalities of a large city

8. The Petrusse Valley and its beautiful park in the middle of the capital

9. The architecture, characterized by the harmony between the new and the old

10. The traditional festivals, always present in the dynamic Luxembourg society

11. The cultural festivals, which are proof of an impressive diversity

12. The gastronomic specialties and five-star restaurants

13. The castles, part of the important European cultural heritage

14. The Mullerthal region, or Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, characterized by its beautiful forests, rock formations and streams

15. The Moselle region and its famous wine route

16. The Ardennes with their lakes and nature reserves

17. Nature and its incredible diversity of landscapes

18. The vast cultural offerings, whose wealth stems from the influx of cultures, traditions and different identities

19. The enormous offerings of leisure and sports activities

20. Shopping opportunities